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Full Spectrum Mashup 100% Pure Premium Indonesian Ready-to-Mix Kratom Shot Kits All-Natural Plant Medicine

Full Spectrum Mashup 100% Pure Premium Indonesian Ready-to-Mix Kratom Shot Kits All-Natural Plant Medicine

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Introducing our Ready-to-Mix Kratom Shot Kit, the ultimate solution for experiencing the wellness-boosting benefits of Kratom with unparalleled convenience. This kit is specially designed for young adults seeking energy, pain relief, anxiety & depression relief, better sleep, and more.

With our easy-to-swallow 2 oz shots, you can enjoy the remarkable effects of Kratom in a hassle-free manner. Each shot is packed with 100% premium Indonesian Kratom powder, sourced from the finest leaves available. We prioritize quality to ensure you get the best results.

Here are five key benefits of our Ready-to-Mix Kratom Shot Kits:

1. Wellness-Boosting Benefits: Unlock the potential of all-natural plant medicine with Kratom. Experience its remarkable wellness benefits, including increased energy, relief from pain and anxiety, improved sleep, and a brighter mood.

2. Convenient and Easy-to-Use: Our ready-to-mix shots offer unrivaled convenience. Simply grab a shot, mix it with the provided Tazo tea, and enjoy on the go. No need to measure or prepare powders; it's quick and effortless.

3. Wide Variety of Strains: Embrace the versatility of our Kratom Shot Kit, which offers a wide selection of strains across the entire Kratom spectrum. Find the perfect strain to meet your specific needs and desired effects.

4. 100% Pure Kratom Powder: Each shot contains just one ingredient: 100% pure Kratom powder. We ensure no fillers or additives, providing you with the most authentic Kratom experience available.

5. All-Natural Plant Medicine: Our Kratom Shot Kit is crafted from all-natural plant medicine, making it a safe and effective alternative to synthetic products. Experience the power of nature in its purest form.

Join countless others who have discovered the benefits of Kratom with our Ready-to-Mix Kratom Shot Kit. Elevate your well-being, boost your energy, find relief, and enhance your overall quality of life. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our premium Kratom shots. Order now and unlock a new level of vitality and satisfaction. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your well-being.


These Ready-To-Mix kratom shot kits are exactly what the doctor ordered! It comes with everything except for the water:

* Kratom Powder in shot glass

* Tazo tea bag

* 10 oz cup

* Small funnel



* Green Maeng Da

* Red Bali

* White Borneo



Single serving = Full Price

7-day supply = 10% off (already reflected in pricing)

30-day supply = 20% off (already reflected in pricing)



This 7.2 gram dose is served in a 2.0 oz glass shot glass and comes with a Wild Sweet Orange Tazo teabag.



* Green Vein (Best Overall)

Green vein Kratom can be described as the strain that sits between the white and red. It’s a great all-in-one option as it provides both energy & focus along with pain relief. It lends consumers a sense of enhanced motivation and optimism and is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

The green vein is very well balanced in its spectrum of effects. You’ll experience a rush of happiness and positivity, but also feel really calm and relaxed. It’s often used to treat social anxiety because of its ability to boost the mood as well as keep the mind relaxed.

For many fans, green vein Kratom is the most potent way to seize their day and navigate daily challenges. It promotes motivation for long periods of time and reduces brain fog. Its capability to blend stimulation & relaxation will make you a productivity machine. For this reason, the green strain is great for both busy professionals and students!

* Red Vein (Best For Pain and/or Anxiety)

Works great for pain relief, anti-anxiety, opiate withdrawal relief, sedation effects, improves mental health, depression, insomnia, mood swings, calming, helps you sleep and great for Restless Legs Syndrome!

* White Vein (Best For Depression)

The best option for anyone who needs a quick energy boost. Ideal for use in the mornings, it enhances mental alertness, mood, concentration, and stamina. It has a reputation for making you feel motivated and more productive. It can boost your level of confidence, enthusiasm, and level of optimism. It’s also perfect for individuals feeling down or depressed and in need of a pick-me-up. Get ready to feel totally energized and focused, but calm!

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